Preview of Episode 2 Plus a Special Surprise!

To The Students of Northville High School:

You’ve been waiting for the special surprise…well here it is! The next episode of the Ugo Lord Show will be airing Sunday April 14th! You can check it out by going to this Sunday to see the new episode :)

That’s not all…on behalf of the entire production team of the Ugo Lord Show and on behalf of Ugo Lord himself, we want to thank all of you for your incredible support of our message. You all have demonstrated the power of positive perseverance and we are impressed with your incredible ability to spread that positivity throughout your entire school.

To show our gratitude, our team has reached out to your school’s administration to arrange a guest appearance from Ugo Lord! With your school’s permission, Ugo will be able to speak to your entire school about ways you can unlock your highest potential and achieve your greatest dreams! Additionally, we will arrange for Ugo to conduct a meet-and-greet in order to meet you one-on-one and to get to know you better. Last but not least, one lucky student may even end up on a future episode of the Ugo Lord Show!

Although we’ve already reached out to Principal Watson, we can’t do this alone. So if you really want Ugo to come as a guest speaker, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your teachers, and tell the administration at you school! You’ve already demonstrated the power of positive perseverance…don’t stop now! Let your school know that you want Ugo to come and together we can make this happen!

Thanks again to all the incredible students of Northville High School. On behalf of the entire Ugo Lord Show team, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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