When Your World Has Turned Upside Down

Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt as though things simply were not going your way? It has happened to us all. Whether we’re having a bad day or a bad week, we can all relate to a time when we felt as though our world was turned upside down. The true challenge is spinning it right-side up. Ugo Lord provides us with a simple tool that we can use to prevent us from living in a world of negativity. Change your mindset in an instant in order to change your day! It is simple, easy, and it can work for anyone who is willing to try it. Don’t let stress control your life…take charge of your future by showing stress who is boss!

Put Peer Pressure In Its Place!

As young adults, we’ve all experience peer pressure in one form or another. Its that awkward, uncomfortable, and powerful feeling to do something that we know we really shouldn’t do. Yet even though we know it’s wrong, some of us are still guilted into doing it. Ugo Lord shares a simple, yet effective, technique to instantly put peer pressure in its place. It is a technique that can save your integrity, your dignity, and in extreme cases, even your life! Don’t miss this valuable episode of The Ugo Lord Show!